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Today Lottery Sambad Evening Result 6 PM 14-09-23

lottery sambad result nagaland lottery result 14-09-23 6pm

One of the most famous lottery games in India is Lottery Sambad Evening. It is famous for the name of the Nagaland State Lottery since the Nagaland state government organizes it. The evening draws take place at 6:00 PM daily. People can view and check the results on the website without much hassle. 

About Dear Lottery Result

Lottery sambad old, Nagaland state lottery, Dear lottery, Dear Lottery result, Sikkim state lottery, all these lotteries plays in the Indian state with different names. Dear Lottery is another name for lottery Sambad and Nagaland state lottery. Dear lottery also draws three times a day. You can check your dear lottery results at 1 pm, 6 pm, and 8 pm on the reliable source,

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You can easily claim your lottery ticket reward from the official vendor of the government. 

How to Play Lottery Sambad Evening?

It is very simple to play this lottery sambad game, but all are not easy to manage. However, lottery Sambad is available with an easy-to-manage method. Players need to buy tickets from any of the authorized vendors or retailers. But, the price for the ticket is different in various areas, and over time it increases. Thus, you need to be conscious while choosing the appropriate numbers. It ranges from 1-80, and you can select a combination of numbers. 

The Structure of the Prize

This lottery Sambad evening comes with a fixed prize structure. The reward depends on the tickets and their numbers as per the category of the prizes. You can check the first prize is around INR 26.06 lakhs. The money for the second prize is around INR 9,000, and the third prize money is INR 500. However, some consolation rewards are given to the people with matching numbers, but they cannot win any of the top three rewards.

Tips to Increase Your Winning Chances

There is no sure way to win the lottery since it is a luck game. However, you must try your luck by learning some tips.

  • It is important to buy the tickets from a reliable retailer or vendor. Avoid accessing scammers and frauds.
  • You must choose the numbers that can be your lucky numbers.
  • Choosing an equal chance of being drawn instead of random numbers is good.
  • Players should buy more than one ticket to increase their winning chances.


Lottery Sambad evening is an exciting and famous game. It is the most reliable platform, but winning is not guaranteed. But you can check your results daily on the website and increase your winning chances by following the above tips.

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Lottery Sambad Result