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Independence Day ( No Lottery Result)

26/01/2023 Results (Off)

09/12/2022 Results

08/12/2022 Results

07/12/2022 Results

06/12/2022 Results

05/12/2022 Results

04/12/2022 Results

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01/12/2022 Results

Lottery sambad old results is the best and most reliable platform where you can get updated lottery sambad results. Here you can have the all-old lottery results and also updated lottery results

Lottery sambad result 1:00 pm

Lottery sambad result 6:00 pm

Lottery sambad result 8:00 pm

If you have purchased the lottery sambad you need to check your number, date, and time of the lottery. Lottery sambad gives you the opportunity to get the reward of a huge amount by investing less amount. There are lottery sambad morning results, lottery sambad evening results, and lottery sambad night results. Oldlotterysambad is the platform where you can get the updated results of the lottery.

Lottery sambad old results have all the previous lottery draws with date and time. You can check the old lottery result here. You can get details of lucky numbers.

You can also get the lottery Sambad old results from this page. You can even get the latest results of lottery sambad as well. Lottery sambad daily draws at 1:00 pm, 6:00 pm, and 8:00 pm. You can try your luck by purchasing the number. If the number matched your given number, you can be a millionaire in no time.

You can directly check your number or download the given foam as well. Many people purchase the lucky lottery and could not get the time to match their lottery numbers. Therefore, we have created a lottery sambad old result page by which they can easily download the old lottery results and get their prize.

  • If you want to download old lottery results, you can use the given method and can easily download your required result.
  • First of all, you need to select the date that you want to download the result.
  • After selecting click on the result and the pdf will be opened.
  • Do right-click on the pdf and select the option, download.
  • When you have completed this method, you can easily match your old lottery result.

08/09/2023 Results

08/09/2023 Results

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Lottery Sambad Result