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Today Nagaland State Lottery Result 1pm 6pm 8pm

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People love to play games that give them more entertainment and fun without wasting their money and get maximum rewards. There are unemployment and needy people everywhere, and everyone wants to become rich and survive the best life for their family. It is only possible when you have enough income or belong to a rich family. 

To get rid of this problem Indian state, which is known as Nagaland state, offers the best lottery game for needy people. They can play this famous lottery in Nagaland state, named Nagaland state lottery. The Nagaland state lottery is the legal, and most played lottery in Nagaland state. The people of Nagaland state can easily participate in the Nagaland lottery and make their chances of winning the lottery. 

Nagaland state lottery draws daily three times a day. A very easy and neat drawing process makes it more playable and likable for the Nagaland people. You don’t need to hold your full money on stake and wait for your turn. Just buy the ticket, and you will become part of the Nagaland state lottery. 

How to play the Nagaland state lottery?

The following steps of the Nagaland state lottery will help you play and profit from it. 

  • Buy the Nagaland lottery ticket from vendors, government-registered officials, and the office of the lottery Sambad. 
  • You can have the ticket price is at most the 6inr. 
  • This 6-rupee ticket will make you a billionaire in one night when you win the Nagaland lottery. 
  • When you purchase the ticket, please keep it safe and match the ticket number on the lottery chart.
  • A lottery chart will be available for you three times a day. 

Nagaland lottery draws three times a day, 

  • Nagaland state lottery 1 pm
  • Nagaland state lottery 6 pm
  • Nagaland state lottery 8 pm

When you have the same ticket number, and that number is also on the draw chart, look at your reward category. 

There are categories of rewards that are given below. 

  • You have won one crore when you fall into the first prize category. 
  • When you get the second position, you will have the 9000inr 
  • The third position prize is 500inr 
  • When you stand in the 4th position, you will win the 250, and the 5th person have the 120inr. 

How to get Nagaland state lottery reward?

One of the best and most reliable methods to claim your lottery reward from Nagaland state. Nagaland state has registered numerous Nagaland officials selling and claiming lottery rewards. When you have a reward of less than 10,000inr, you can easily claim from any vendor and government officials. They will frequently give you money within no time. 

  • They will ask you for your CNIC copy with the original ticket slip, which must be neat. After they have the verification of your documents, they will give your reward to you without any hesitation. 
  • There needs to be more change in the procedure for the one crore lottery Nagaland ticket. 
  • When you win the one crore Nagaland lottery, you have to wait for it, and Nagaland state offices will contact and verify your details as per your given CNIC. 
  • They will properly make an event to announce the one crore Nagaland lottery. 
  • Going to the Nagaland state office to claim your lottery Sambad reward would be best. 

What is Dhankesari lottery Sambad?

The multiple names of the lottery announce Lottery Sambad. You can call it the Nagaland state lottery, the Sikkim state lottery, or Dhankesari Lottery Sambad. You will have the same results when you search for the lottery sambad result, lottery sambad old, lottery sambad, Nagaland state lottery, Sikkim state lottery, and Dhankesari state lottery. 

Dhankesari lottery sambad result draws daily three times a day. Dhankesari lottery sambad 1 pm, Dhankesari lottery sambad 6 pm and Dhankesari lottery sambad 8pm. You can check your Dhankesari lottery result on the most trusted and reliable site,

You can have all the latest and most frequent uploads on this site. You can visit it and get your required result. 


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Lottery Sambad Result