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Today Lottery Sambad Night Result 8 PM

lottery sambad- Nagaland Lottery Sambad Result 08-09-23 8pm

Lottery sambad night result draws daily at 8 pm. Anyone can participate in the Lottery in Sambad and make money in one night. Lottery Sambad combined the name of all the lotteries that draw three times daily. There are some other lotteries with different names are also drawn in other states of India:

All these Lotteries are the same and familiar with these multiple names. You can search Lottery with these names and get the same result. 

Lottery Sambad night result draws at 8 pm and has the same money prize as Lottery Sambad morning. You can have the jpg image of the lottery result on this page. 

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Weekdays Names

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad also draws daily three times a week. Every day Lottery has different names for days.

If the Lottery draws on 

  • Monday, you can call it Dear Dessert Monday 
  • Tuesday has another good name, Dear Wave Tuesday
  • When you go on Wednesday, it is Dear Hill Wednesday 
  • Thursday called by Dear Lake Thursday 
  • Friday also has a special name, Dear Mountain Friday
  • Saturday and Sunday called by Dear River Saturday and Dear Sea Sunday

Nagaland and Sikkim Lottery Sambad have the same time of draws Morning, Evening, and Night. 

Lottery Sambad Prize Money Chart 

1st Prize 1 Crore
Cons. Prize 1000/-
2nd Prize 9000/-
3rd Prize 500/-
4th Prize 250/-
5th Prize 120/-

Lottery Sambad States In India 

Lottery Sambad States in India
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Lottery Sambad Result