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Today Lottery Sambad Result Evening 6 PM

lottery sambad result nagaland lottery result 14-09-23 6pm

Lottery samabd evening result 6 pm is drawn daily at 6 o’clock. Lottery Sambad evening is not an illegal game. Indian state allows lottery sambad games to generate revenue for the state. This is not only the one lottery game in the state. There are many also many other lottery games that are played.

All states of India are independent to play lottery sambad. No one is following or copying the method of each other. The Indian Government officially introduces Lottery Sambad. No one can commit fraud against lottery Sambad members. Indian Government officially make lottery sambad legal because they are generating enough revenue from this scheme. Every person can participate in this lottery and win the maximum amount in less time. You can have a handsome amount with less effort and investment.

There are approximately 13 states of India offering such lottery schemes. After the successful and good feedback of lottery sambad evening, they have finally introduced more such schemes for their people.

Lottery sambad is the only lottery scheme played in West Bengal and the Nagaland state. Lottery Sambad is played three times a day, and there is no off of lottery.

Timing of Lottery Draws

You can take part at any time and get a chance to win big.

The user of lottery Sambad purchased the ticket at any time and waited until they won the award. If you get lucky, they will have a huge amount that is enough for their future. People who want to be millionaires quickly can play the lottery, Sambad. It is not necessary whether you have purchased the ticket for Lottery Sambad morning or Lottery Sambad evening; if you got lucky, you won the lottery.

States Names 

Lottery Sambad is not only played in Nagaland but in some other states of India where it is played. Names are given below.

  • Nagaland 
  • Sikkim
  • West Bengal 
  • Dhankesari
  • Punjab State 
  • Kerala state
  • Bodoland 

Lottery Sambad is played in the state of Nagaland and draws daily and every day of the week. Other states draw this lottery Sambad game with different days name like

  • On Monday, you will have the Dear Sun Lottery
  • On Tuesday you can play Dear Moon
  • Wednesday called by Dear Mercury
  • Dear Venus gives name Thursday
  • Friday has the Dear Earth lottery name
  • Saturday Mars and Sunday Jupitar.

Lottery Sambad has big prize money for those that purchased big tickets and make their winning chances more. You can make up to one crore in a single night. If you won the 1st prize.


Sr. Number

Rank Name

Winning Prize



One Crore



Rs. 9000



Rs. 500



Rs. 250



Rs. 120



Rs. 1000

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Lottery Sambad Result